during my class

this is my refelect about my critical thinking class.First of all about the 5 slides.There are different type of learner or students.In one class we can there are different types student in learning or the different way in learing something.Some student love lerning by picutures,practising the knowledge out side,by reading newspaper,problems-solving,studying grammar.There are also a communicative students.This student learns by watching tv,using englisg for communication outside class,learning new word by hearing them and others.The visual student like the teacher give them explain everything to them,learning by reading and textbook.

As for me i like to learn in communicative and sometime i have to learn in visual…in communicative i can explore learning everything especially in english.I like to practice english outside the classroom.Using new english word and try to use in my daily life.I also to read newspaper and watching tv or english movie .This have help me in using english and i can get experience how to use the correct english…But sometime i prefer my teacher to explain to me like in learnig grammar..if we learn grammar first we have to understand about it.We can read first but teacher explanations and discussions is the best for me.


salam and hello to all

i just like to invite to eveyone off you there…yes you!!come write something or comment anything you like.we can share anything that you like to talk…all free to gives their opinions….and nice to know you out there…


salam and hai eveyone..

first of all,i feeling thankfull finally i can make owns blog.it is¬†quite late to create a blog but actually before this i have make blog but then i lost my password.then, i have to create the new one.but by my mistake are there blog are different then my friends.there is no option even the dashboard are different.Again,i make new email and new blog but still i am facing the same problems….ohhh why me??i almost cry…please help..what the problems are?then i think i have pick wrong tick at first when create the blog….ohh i have pick just user name not the gimme a blog.that is…finally in can finish my assigment in create a blog for my critical thinking skills..alhamdulilah.

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